What's Your Sign? J.Crew Has a Shirt for That


Courtesy J.Crew

Whether you read your horoscope every day, or you just check it on days you need a self-fulfilling prophecy to boost you up, hey, it's cool with J.Crew. The brand is here to help you rep your sign with a cute collection of tees that aren't your average cheesy star sign swag; they're seriously cute (bravo, J.Crew!).

Each tee is a totally different design that shares a bit of personality with the zodiac sign it represents. So whether you're Aries or Taurus, there's a tee that fits exactly who you are. Just style it with a cool pair of boyfriend jeans and a pair of heels, and you've got the perfect first-date outfit. Trust us, no one will bother to ask that ubiquitously cringe-worthy question, "What's your sign?" So take a cue from J.Crew and wear your star sign with pride. 

Curious to see the 12 different styles? We rounded them up below, so get to shopping!