What to Buy (and Not to Buy) on Sale in January

Speaking personally, I have a tendency to feel a bit panicked when seemingly everything I've had my eye on for months is on sale. But I've learned from several final-sale mistakes that panic does not lead to smart sale-shopping decisions. So my number one piece of advice is to not let the lure of end-of-season sales cloud your judgment. Take a beat and decide what you really need, not what has the lowest price tag or what's selling out the fastest. Aside from that, there are a number of other tried-and-true strategies I've learned over the years that have led me to dream sale purchases in the deeply discounted month of January, which I hope that you too can benefit from.

See my best tips for navigating the overwhelming (but fruitful) world of January sales below, and shop a few sale items that could potentially be your next dream sale purchase.