The Jane Birkin–Inspired Necklace You Can Wear Every Day

We often find ourselves attempting to re-create looks from our favorite style icons of the past. A white suit à la Bianca Jagger, a vest and tie inspired by Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, and so on. In a recent Pinterest perusal of Jane Birkin photographs, our friend Cory over at The Giving Keys noticed a reoccurring jewelry piece the British actress seemingly wore with everything: a slim chain with a key pendant. She paired it with everything from a lace crop top on the beach in Cannes to her signature T-shirt and jeans ensemble, all the while looking effortlessly feminine.

Because we’ll take any opportunity to channel Birkin, and because The Giving Keys is a great company to support, we rounded up outfits for you to test out, as well as some key necklace shopping to add to your jewelry box. Scroll down to check it out.