27-Year-Old Jane Birkin Wore Jeans That Were Way Ahead of Her Time

Every once in a while, we’re confronted with a reminder that some (well, most) fashion trends are inspired by past generations. Pick any article of clothing, and you’ll find the shape, material, or function can easily be traced to another time in history.

Which brings us to Jane Birkin. We already credit the actress and singer for some of today’s big styles like lampshading, sequined slip dresses, and that namesake bag, so it’s not surprising that we can also add another trending topic to the list. Birkin wore on-trend denim over 40 years ago that’s strikingly similar to Vetements’ denim looks this season.

In this 1974 snapshot taken in Cannes, Birkin is seen wearing a patchwork denim style that’s popping up on street influencers everywhere this season. Multicolored denim, mismatched zippers, and unexpected silhouettes are popular again (thanks in no small part to the Parisian style collective), so it’s interesting to see it worn first by one of our favorite style icons.

Check out Birkin’s full look below.

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