Jaime King Found Her Favorite Jeans by Borrowing Lana Del Rey's


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It goes without saying that people get particular about their denim. More than any other piece in one's wardrobe, jeans become a second skin—a staple some end up living in. Finding your favorite style or silhouette is sort of like developing your signature. So when we sat down with Jaime King at FYF Fest in L.A. last month to discuss all things denim, our first question was about her go-to everyday jeans style. "One of my favorite styles is the Nico from Hudson," said King, speaking of the brand's classic skinny style it serves up in a range of washes. "I actually was turned on by Lana Del Rey," King continued. "I borrowed a pair of hers a few years ago."

For the festival, King paired the Blaine Cropped Denim Jacket with the super-skinny, distressed, and raw-hem iteration of the Nico. "They don’t lose their stretch, they don’t lose their fit, and they look beautiful with everything," King explained of her favorite denim. "I don't like to cheat on my jeans that actually look great on me. So it's really great when they have different colors and different washes and different styles." King isn't the type to just throw anything on but pays attention to the details when styling herself. "When you really start to understand denim and the history of denim and the fabrics that people are using, it's really kind of amazing when you see how nuanced subtle changes can be."

When she was younger, King had a "no-jeans rule," especially in New York. "I thought that denim was just too dressed down." Now living in California, her view has shifted and she's embraced jeans into her wardrobe and even elevated stylings (for FYF Fest, she paired her Hudson ensemble with a silk bodysuit, Aquazzura flats, and Dior accessories. "I really love anything that's high-rise, that's long in length," she explained. "I don't want to have to think about jeans. I want them to look beautiful with whatever it is that I'm wearing."

Though the actress and model has one of the most covetable wardrobes brimming with high-fashion pieces, when it comes to denim she takes a relatively laid-back approach. "As far as I’m concerned, if you’re going to buy denim, I would rather spend $200 to $300 on a great piece of denim that I'm going to wear consistently and all the time than some sort of runway piece that I’m only going to be able to wear once that season and then put it away," she admitted. "I think that every person should invest in denim that makes them feel really great and looks really beautiful."

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