Jackie's Costume Designer on How She Collaborated With Chanel

When we speak with Madeline Fontaine, the costume designer behind the new much-anticipated Jackie Kennedy biopic, she confides, “Honestly I hope I did not betray the memory of this American icon.” And we can understand the pressure. The stakes are high for Jackie, the Natalie Portman film debuting today—it’s not just responsible for depicting an American style icon but also a tragic and important piece of history. “It is very delicate to be confronted by personalities that have existed and are still living in so many memories,” Fontaine says.

Thankfully, she is just the kind of expert who can tackle such a challenge. With costume credits that include Amélie and Yves Saint Laurent, the French designer walked us through how she went about preserving Mrs. Kennedy's memory. From nailing Jackie O's signature silhouettes and never-a-hair-out-of-place appearance to the historic pink suit she created with the help of Chanel, which Jackie famously wore the day President Kennedy was assassinated, Fontaine's work in Jackie is ultimately an ode to it all.

Scroll down for our exclusive interview.

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