4 Conservative Office Outfits That Don’t Involve a Suit

I am the founder of the Ivanka Trump fashion brand; however, I also work at the Trump Organization, where I'm the executive vice president of development and acquisitions. As you might imagine, the dress code at the Trump Org is a bit more conservative than the dress code I employ at my brand. 

Fortunately, a conservative environment no longer has to mean an ill-fitting pantsuit or a closet full of black and gray. I started my company because I felt firsthand the lack of workwear options available to modern professional women. As a woman in the real estate industry—a traditionally conservative, male-dominated field—I was part of a group largely misunderstood by mainstream media and most fashion designers. I think I wore a black pantsuit my entire first year after college. The options out there were dismal.

Today that's not the case. Whether you're in a more conservative environment yourself or simply in need of a fail-safe look for an interview, meeting, or upcoming presentation, I've assembled four go-to ensembles that will instill confidence, express your personality, and effectively kick your suit to the curb.