Every Shoe Fanatic Should Probably Own This

You’ve made it halfway through the week and might be feeling like you deserve a reward. Thankfully, the latest fashion tome released this week feels just like that: a treat. Specifically one for the eyes.

It’s All About Shoes is the new book by street style photographer Suzanne Middlemass, and it feeds right into every shoe lover’s obsession with statement-making, jaw-dropping, and sometimes over-the-stop footwear—over 250 pages of them. With a portfolio that includes Vogue, Elle, and Glamour, Middlemass’s work spans the globe and translates to page after page of styles both ubiquitous (think Gucci loafers, Miu Miu ballet slippers, and Adidas Superstars) and obscure, or that can only be classified as works of art.

While the book makes a great gift for any shoe fanatic in your life, consider it another colorful, vibrant addition to any fashion girl’s bookcase. Take a few minutes to indulge in the preview below. Hey, you deserve it.