15 Items '90s Babies Totally Forgot They Were Obsessed With

Photo: Everett Collection

If you were born in the '90s, it's safe to assume you had a lot of peculiar items tucked away in your closet. The childhood of a '90s baby was one filled with glitter, rainbows, tube tops, obnoxious footwear, and too many hair accessories for your own good. Right now, we invite you to take a quick trip down memory lane to bring these quirky items to the forefront of your minds.

Today we decided to bring you the narrowed-down version of the items you totally forgot you were obsessed with during this special time in your life. Think butterfly clips, Rocket Dog sandals, and a certain backpack brand that will bring you right back to those woodchip-filled playground days. If you aren't already itching to call your elementary school BFF up to laugh about all of the ridiculous things you used to wear, you will be shortly. (P.S. We are pretty sure your mom will get a kick out of this list too.) 

Keep reading to see the 15 items from your '90s childhood you were definitely way too obsessed with. 

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