Is Vintage Fur In or Out? You Be the Judge

There's no denying that the practice of using fur to make clothing and accessories is one of the fashion industry's most hotly debated subjects. Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein have made commitments to keeping their collections fur-free, but a slew of other designers and brands continue to use it, much to the dismay of animal rights activists. Purchasing a new fur piece is one thing, as one could argue that the present-day fur industry is directly profiting from those sales, therefore perpetuating the process. But what about vintage fur which isn't part of the contemporary supply chain? Say your grandmother passed a fur down to you, or you found a second-hand piece at a vintage store. When it comes to ethical standards, many in the anti-fur camp believe that fur is fur and wearing any form of it is an endorsement of fur-farming practices in general. We've also heard the side of the argument that vintage fur is much better for the environment than a new piece made up of synthetic or treated fabric.

Conflicting sentiments aside, there's nothing else that can quite compete with the glamour that fur lends to an outfit, whether genuine or faux. Let us know where you stand on the issue of vintage fur by taking the poll below, and after that, shop our faux-fur picks!

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