When It's "Not Worth the Money" to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Whether your taste in jewelry changes or you're celebrating an anniversary, it's fairly common for women to upgrade their engagement rings down the road. It's a big decision to make, and it can be overwhelming to navigate the options available another time around. 

Vogue interviewed Tom Burstein, Christie’s international jewelry director, to get the lowdown on everything women should know when it comes to engagement rings, including the question of upgrading. His first piece of advice is deciding whether or not it's worth it in term of size.

"Make sure it’s large enough to make a difference,” Burstein tells Vogue, referring to the fact that a larger carat doesn't necessarily mean the stone will look bigger. "Remember that carat is simply a weight—not a size. Make sure that the stone appears physically larger. Or if you're looking for an upgrade in color or clarity, it should be noticeable. Otherwise, it's not worth the money," he advises.

The recent article also outlines other helpful engagement ring tips so that you'll be well-versed on everything diamonds, whether you have a ring or are shopping around.

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Opening Image: @heidigibsondesigns