Everyone knows that celebrities enjoy an enviable existence, but of all the many perks of fame, there's only one with universal appeal-their accessories, which are hand-selected by top stylists. Think about it: how amazing would it be to have someone personally pick the best bags and shoes for you? Well, dear readers, now you can enjoy a similar experience, courtesy of the amazing new website JustFabulous!

The JustFabulous concept is brilliant, to say the very least. Essentially, it's a like a really chic shoe and handbag of the month club. Enrollment is free: all you have to do is take a short fashion personality quiz when you first sign up! Once you've answered a few questions about your fashion preferences, the site's style gurus will handpick a selection of shoes and bags for you to choose from every month. Simply decide what you want to buy-maybe it's a pair of shoes or a handbag, or you can mix and match with one of each-and pay $39.95 for each piece. Yes, you read that correctly: $39.95! It's a steal to say the least! Plus, if you don't want to buy anything, it's no problem. You can just skip that month and JustFabulous will send you new options next month. And, if that wasn't enough, shipping is free and returns and exchanges are easy-talk about savvy shopping!

So how do we know so much about JustFabulous? In addition to being members, Katherine and Hillary have just signed on as the site's Chief Style Experts! As such, each month they pick their three favorite shoes-otherwise known as The Haute List -and showcase them in a cute video. Katherine and Hillary also give you tips and tricks on how to wear each style and you can even shop each look, from head to toe, directly from JustFabulous!

Now that we've introduced you to JustFabulous, surely you'll agree that signing up is definitely a must! One recommendation: once you've become a member, make sure you follow both JustFabulous and WhoWhatWear on Twitter and that you are fans of both JustFabulous and WhoWhatWear on Facebook. The reason is simple and super: we've got lots of surprise giveaways and prizes in store for you in October and will announce all the details via these sites!