So True: A Hilarious Look at Los Angeles Stereotypes

How does one really make it in Hollywood? Erin and Sara Foster, daughters of Grammy winning producer David Foster, want to show you—sort of! In their new docu-style scripted series Barely Famous, premiering tonight on VH1 at 9:30pm, the sisters portray, well, sisters desperately trying to make it in the industry, while sending up some of Los Angeles’s most notorious stereotypes. The show dishes up some serious laughs, as the girls poke fun at themselves, reality television, and the world of celebrity—note: Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie, and Ashley Benson make cameos. In the spirit of the witty sitcom, we invited Erin and Sara into our studio to spoof their favorite L.A. clichés, from the Venice hipster to the Brentwood yoga mom, and chat all things Hollywood. Keep reading for our exclusive story.