Michael Kors Debuts an Exclusive Product on Instagram

If you ask us, shoppable social media is the new frontier of e-commerce. It’s where women go to get inspired and where they can pinpoint exactly what they want to buy and how they’re going to wear it. So it comes as no surprise that today Michael Kors relaunched a new-and-improved version of #Instakors.

What’s #Instakors? It’s an Instagram-only experience that seamlessly allows shoppers to buy exclusive products before they hit the site. The initiative was launched last year sans exclusive products, but due to Instagram’s API improvements, the process has been optimized tenfold—aka it’s easier than ever for you to get your shop on simply by clicking on the link in the designer's bio.

So now that you’ve had your crash course in #Instakors 101, scroll down to see what you can buy starting today only using Instagram.