The Instagram Accounts Kate Moss Loves

Kate Moss is notoriously private, but in this month's Vogue Paris, she shares a little bit more about herself. According to PopSugar, in a 30-point questionnaire, Kate reveals not just how she'd take a perfect day off ("Spending time with my daughter, Lila.") and places she'd like to visit ("I'd like to visit Machu Picchu, jump out of a plane, and see the Northern lights.") as well as her top three favorite Instagram accounts. Though she also keeps her Instagram handle private, her favorite accounts are @mertalas, the account of famed photography duo Mert & Marcus; @NASA for all manner of astrophotography; and @douglasahart, the account of Douglas Hart, musician of Jesus & Mary Chain fame and music video director. 

Scroll down to see some snaps from the Instagram accounts that inspire Kate Moss!