This Cool New Instagram Feature Lets You Post Time-Lapse Videos

We fashion gals love us some Instagram, and when our favorite social media launches any kind of new feature, we're all over it like white on rice. Wired reported yesterday that Instagram would be launching a new video editing featured dubbed Hyperlapse, which would let you speed up your videos to make a more artistic statement. Now, that feature is officially available!

For now, Hyperlapse has launched exclusiveley in the iTunes store, but plans to launch the app via Android devices are also in the works. How it works: The app prompts you to record a video just like in Instagram, then uses an advanced photography algorithm to smooth out any potential bumps in your footage. You can then choose how fast or slow you want the video altered, from real-time speed all the way up to 12 times as fast.

Watch the clip below for a short tutorial, then head to the iTunes store to download it for yourself!