Is This the Biggest Instagram Faux Pas?

We’ve all been there: You’re at an exclusive venue or on an out-of-this-world vacation and want to capture the moment on Instagram. Nothing wrong with that! But things can get tricky when captions come into play. What's the appropriate balance of humor and sarcasm? And how many hashtags are just right? We all want to flaunt our awesomeness, to be sure, but none of us wants to rub people the wrong way.

Vogue took a pretty deep dive into the subject, even citing Harvard Business School research that states, “We show that although people often choose to humblebrag when motivated to make a good impression, it is an ineffective self-promotional strategy.” HBS goes on to say humble brags can result in fewer likes and come across as insincere. We can all agree that’s not the goal!

Head on over to Vogue to read its advice for avoiding the humble brag on Instagram. Then shop a new iPhone case to cameo in your next mirror selfie, below.