Prada & Marni

In any given season, some of the most desirable accessories spring forth from the minds of two ladies: Miuccia Prada and Consuelo Castiglioni. As the designers of Prada and Marni, respectively, they create elegant yet casual, forward-thinking, female-friendly collections that invariably cause shopping frenzies. Nine West has clearly been taking notes (smart!) and are currently shipping shoes that were greatly inspired by Prada and Marni's fall footwear.

At Prada, color-blocked satin heels were shown worn with footless socks and knee-length skirt, as seen in the above images. Prada created numerous variations of these heels; some options are available now while others have yet to hit the stores. While the Prada Seta Lana Pump that was shown on the runway has already sold out at Saks online (the silk shoe with a 4-inch heel retailed for $520), we did note that Neiman Marcus currently has the patent leather Prada Sfumato in Nude/Black or Gray/Black. ($550, If you're waiting for the stores to restock, why not order a pair of Nine West's Metropop heels while you're at it? The suede and satin Metropops are 1/4 inch shorter than the Prada version, come in Black/Gray and Black/Violet, and costs $441 less! ($79,

In addition to the multi-hue shoes shown at Prada, other major fall footwear trends include cap-toe detailing and mary jane style heels-both of which were seen at Marni. While Marni pumps in Argilla, Darkviolet (that's not a typo), and Clay can be found at Marni's online store, the satin shoes are priced at $610 before shipping. We found a slightly less expensive pair in Black, Brown, and Gold up at Mona Moore in Canada ($573.28, and a super bright pair at Browns ($600, However, if that price chaps your hide, fret not as Nine West also has this style covered. Their satin Vasca shoe is a mary jane pump that's available in three widths and has 4 1/4 inch heel. Available in Dark Purple/Fuchsia, Dark Green/Black, or Black/Gray, the Nine West Vasca is very affordable and currently available for purchase. ($89,