Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld never fails to impress us, from the longevity of his career (he's in his early to mid 70's, sources vary) to his prolificness (in addition to each Chanel collection, he also designs his Karl Lagerfeld line and K Karl Lagerfeld, his lower-priced collection). This fall, King Karl excited us once again with the looks at his self-named line-particularly the ankle boots shown on the models.

The strap-happy shoes acted as a tough counterpoint to the collection's fishnet tights and often higher-than-high hemlines. The booties are totally modern, yet we could also envision them on a Bret Easton Ellis heroine thanks to their new wave shape and bondage-style straps. While Lagerfeld's looks pretty exclusive price-wise, we stumbled upon some shoes that make for a swell swap.

We found a couple of styles at Aldo that have Lagerfeldian lines, shown above. Starting from the top, you'll find Aldo's Phomelloa in black, followed by the Meredytha in black and the Phomelloa in medium silver. Featuring studded straps or three belts, Aldo's ankle boots are all under $100. Pair them with a wide-weave pair of stockings like these Diamond Nets ($7) and you'll be channeling Karl in no time.

Aldo Phomelloa in black or medium silver ($89.98)
Aldo Meredytha in black ($99.98)