Sequins, Slits, and No Flats Allowed: Inside the EPIC Marc Jacobs NYFW Party

We were obsessed with Marc Jacobs's Studio 54-esque NYFW party dress code when it arrived—if you need a reminder, the "strict dress to kill code" listed "sequins" three times, in addition to "riding in on a white horse" and "rollerina chic." The party was themed this way as a celebration of new monograph Gloss: The Work of Chris von Wangenheim, which features von Wangenheim's flashy photography work from 1970s. Guests definitely rose to the dress code's standards at the party this past Thursday night, and now you can see what they looked like in all their glossy, glittery glory. 

Scroll down to see pictures from the Marc Jacobs "Gloss" party during NYFW!