This Bride Paid $66 for Her Awesome Wedding Dress

When it comes to wedding planning, many women would agree that a dress is up there with the venue and location in terms of importance. In one bride's case, however, this couldn't be further from the truth. For Perrie Samotin, the engagement itself wasn't something she was keen on at first, as a perfectly content partner in a committed relationship. So warming up to the idea of a wedding reception after she said yes to a proposal was the first feat for her fiancé and their families who, "wanted to celebrate in a bigger way than 20 people sitting around a restaurant." When the time came to find a dress for her Bowery Hotel wedding, instead of going to Kleinfeld or hitting up the latest indie wedding boutique, Samotin was set on, "a super-silky, long-sleeve wrap dress" that she would later have made by an up-and-coming designer.

Twelve days before the reception, she knew it wasn't reflective of her personal style and on whim decided to visit Lord & Taylor with a coupon she had. Normal brides would be freaking out right now, but Samotin was anything but traditional. She settled on a clearance section dress with a price tag of $66.80 by BCBG, which she describes as, "a silky floor-length white dress with a pale-pink sash and a glitzy feather off-the-shoulder top. It was fun, a little kooky, and looked like something I’d wear anyway." It just goes to show that personal style reigns supreme—even on the day many say is "the biggest day of your life." And finding a dress you love for under $100 is pretty darn awesome, no matter the occasion.

Check out her gorgeous dress below and keep scrolling to shop a similar style.