How My Style Changed When I Moved Overseas

We’ve had a girl-crush on Kendall Sargeant since she was living in Sydney and working as a publicist at one of our favourite labels, Maurie & Eve. Since her move Stateside in 2014, to take up the role of U.S PR Director of Australian Fashion Labels, we’ve been watching the fashion publicist and blogger’s style slowly evolve.

It might’ve happened to you—you go on a holiday, and while you’re there you start to dress differently. I know that during a weekend jaunt to Byron Bay, I’m in denim shorts and floaty pieces. The second I return to Sydney? I’m back in my structured jackets and single-sole heels. We asked Sargeant to explain exactly what happens to your style when you move to a different country.

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Have you moved overseas? How did your style change? Share in the comments below!