How Your Star Sign Affects Your Shopping List

The festive season is in full swing, and with it comes a seemingly endless period of shopping for our families, friends, coworkers, and—guilty as a charged—the occasional treat for ourselves. Because there are so many great deals on offer, this can quickly lead to shopping overload, so it’s crucial to know what your shopping M.O. is before you enter the proverbial ring.

Who better to help us figure that out than an all-knowing astrologist? We spoke to The Cut’s resident astrologist Samuel F. Reynolds of Unlock Astrology to find out how the stars might affect our shopping habits. Consider this crucial intel for any fashion girl—during this busy time of year and beyond.

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If it were up to you, shopping would be either an Olympic sport or a blood sport. You shop to win and to look damn good while doing it. But you're not there to prance and flash, per se. You want to get in, get what you need, and get out—preferably with the best deal and something that no one else has. 

You shop with a threshold in mind, but you can be lured to fudge the budget if something of high quality trumps your expectations. You like to browse casually, on your own, without any goading or solicitation. At the end of the day, you want to take home something that you know is going to last and didn't cost a lot to get.

The more the merrier—that's what you say until you're in a dressing room with the same pants in seven different colors. You’re the reason why there are limits to what you can take in a dressing room. Shop with a list. It's okay to make a FEW changes to the list, but stick to it as much as possible. You'll come out with fewer bags, more money in your pocket, and less giddy stress.

You care about comfort and convenience more than almost anything—except a really good deal. Ideally, you'd love to do all your shopping at home on the web. Otherwise, it's best for you to check Groupon or the local paper for nearby deals, and seek out the closest parking spot you can.

When you're rolling in dough, you like to shop with the thought that each purchase is an investment in your “royalty.” If that could be a tax write-off, you'd take it. If money's tight, then you'll settle for impeccable knock-offs, but the place or seller has to look good. Shopping with grandeur helps you to feel grand.

You’re the one getting a discount on a shirt because the stitching is off. You have a sharp eye for quality and a good deal. Although you pride yourself on your efficiency, you can get distracted with looking too closely at the quality of what you're buying. Weigh out if it's worth haggling over something that you might not use or doesn't cost that much in the first place.

For you, shopping is always much more delightful with someone else in mind, either to accompany you or just to appreciate what you get, whether it's for yourself or another.  You understand the value of a dollar, but you also like having choices—perhaps too much. There are only so many times you can ask a store clerk what they like before YOU have to decide if YOU like it.

You shop the way some people go to a nightclub: It's a total experience and one that should have meaning. You are likely to brood about how commercialism offers so many choices, but nothing really suits you. Unless you’re dashing into boutiques or specialty stores, you have to realise that sometimes a belt is just a belt—made solely to keep your butt from showing.

Shopping is an adventure for you, and you’re especially drawn to the exotic. The problem is that when you have to get a gift for someone else, it’s best to stick to basics. This could cause you to be impatient, especially during the holidays. You’re better off shopping at those odd times when most people are either asleep or working, so it can feel like your own special experience.

No one knows the value of a dollar like you. However, you have other strings to pull, so sifting through a lot of options to find the best deal isn’t your thing. You'd do better to find out about deals ahead of time or to know when stores will have sales. You’re likely to get all your holiday trappings and wrappings in late December or early January.

You like stores and businesses that have a heart or a larger sense of their impact in the world. You also want to make informed choices on what you buy and who benefits from it. However, you’ve got to balance your heart and principles against your own dollars and sense. You might have to be smarter about matching your cash reserves with your sensitive conscience.

You're more likely to enter a store for the vibe than what its actually offering. If you do venture into a store that has way too much going on, both in terms of products and people, you’re likely to need a break. Remember to breathe—shopping should be a life-affirming experience, not one that overwhelms your eyes and your pocketbook with stuff. 

How would you describe your shopping style? Sound off in the comments, and check out your December horoscope here!

How would you describe your shopping style? Sound off in the comments, and check out your December horoscope here!