Study: Women Are Buying Less Clothes, And More Of THIS Accessory

Quick: Check your closet. How many handbags do you own? Well, if you're a woman between 18 and 45, a new report says you own an average of 13 bags from seven different brands. Sound accurate?

Forbes recently reported on the new study from market research company NPD Group, which revealed a lot of interesting tidbits about handbags. For instance, it showed that sales of the staple accessory grew 5% last year to $11.6 billion. (The growth is especially notable, considering that the clothing category remained stagnant, according to NPD.) 

So what explains that growth? Forbes reports that women "are both spending more per bag and buying more bags overall." Our increased need for laptop and smartphone storage may be a factor. "More casual wardrobes and flexible work situations have made handbags surrogates for home closets or office desk drawers," Forbes explains. 

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Opening Image: Style du Monde