6 New Trends to Wear to Work Now—and One to Avoid

Tackling the season's It trends is tricky enough all on its own, but throw an office dress code into the mix and things can get confusing real fast. Trends are often intended to make a statement, whereas what you wear to work requires a certain amount of polish and professionalism. Still, dressing like the boss you are doesn't have to be boring; in fact, incorporating the right trends in a tasteful way is sure to get you noticed (and that's a good thing).

To help you nail office dressing this season, we rounded up six easy trends you can work into your work wardrobe. Then, we shopped each one out for you so you can give them a spin on an upcoming Monday when you need a little extra boost. Our one suggestion: Unless you're in a super-relaxed or creative environment, steer clear of fishnets or any other street style look that lends itself more to off-duty dressing. 

Read on to check out the six must-wear trends for the offices and to pick out a little something for yourself!