The 4 Prints That Go With Everything, According to J.Crew



How do you know a brand is enthusiastic for a trend? Well, our guess would be when it creates a whole day in devotion to it. J.Crew has deemed March 31 National Stripes Day, and, to celebrate, the brand is embracing the simple print in any and every way it can.

Since the brand has a knack for giving classics (stripes included) a quirky spin, we decided we'd take notes from J.Crew's head stylist, Gayle Spannaus, on how to make stripes feel fresh for 2017.

According to Spannaus, it's all about print-mixing. "Florals, leopards, and polka dots are always my go-to patterns that can mix with stripes," she says. "Those are actually my four neutrals! They go with everything." To help keep from pattern overload, Spannaus suggests keeping things simple, as she says, “shades of blue are obviously the easiest stripes to mix with others, navy being the most classic.”

If you're ready to jump on this major spring trend, try mixing prints á la J.Crew, and shop a few of our favorite striped pieces below!

How will you incorporate stripes into your wardrobe? Tell us in the comments below.