The Fashion Girl's Guide to Making Pink Look Cool

Whether you're a lover or a hater, there's no denying that pink is the color of 2016. The color that once was relegated to Elle Woods, has had a resurgence among the fashion crowd, creeping its way onto the runway, and into the wardrobes of many of our favorite street style stars. Instead of feeling overly girly or precious, this time around, there's just something about the way we're wearing pink that feels–dare we say it, cool. 

If you're finally feeling ready to let a little rose, peach, or blush into your life, we're here to help you. These simple style tricks make wearing pink feel totally acceptable, even for those of us who are averse to anything that can skew too cute. Play by the seven rules below, and instead of pretty in pink, you'll be the coolest chick around.

Read on for our guide to pulling off pink, no matter what your style may be!