2 Insanely Gorgeous Holiday Looks That Get It Right

As holiday party invites keep trickling in, it’s easy for stress levels to rise. But don’t feel weighed down by your social calendar. Instead, use all your fêtes as an excuse to treat yourself to something unexpectedly festive from Neiman Marcus, and retire that sparkly dress that’s been your seasonal go-to for years. “The holidays are a great excuse for me to push my fashion boundaries and have fun with different textures and shapes,” says Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook. Here, she proves that with the right styling, you can wow at any party on your holiday circuit.

 Scroll down for two looks to add to your December style rotation.

“The balance between the feminine and masculine aspects drew me to this emerald jumpsuit,” explains Nguyen.

“The sultry deep neckline paired with the pantsuit silhouette gives it a powerful yet charming aura,” says Nguyen.

“When in doubt, an LBD is always a great choice for the holidays. I love the rich textures and patterns of this Red Valentino dress. It’s perfect for the holidays, with a mix of sophistication and sweetness,” says Nguyen.

“The different patterns used to make this LBD makes me appreciate it even more,” says Nguyen.

What are you planning to wear to holiday parties this year? Share in the comments below!