How 4 Bloggers Pair Winter Boots With Their Favorite Pieces

One question plagues every West Coast closet this time of year: How do you welcome a winter wardrobe into the mix when it’s always sunny? And what’s the solution for in-between days? Answer: boots. Yes, a cozy coat is comparable choice, but when it comes to winter dressing, boots are one of those things you think you don’t need… right up until you do. So why not get a head start with a really awesome pair? Whether you’re planning a weekend retreat into the mountains or counting the days until your visit back east, take a cue from four top bloggers who are already thinking of ways to transition into serious cold-weather garb.

Keep reading to see what these bloggers recommend pairing up with their favorite SOREL boots. 

“I’ve had some friends tell me that they couldn’t pull off winter boots, but I say don’t limit yourself! Wearing them with long coats or distressed denim is a cool way to change things up in your wardrobe and have fun with your day-to-day style. Boots aren’t just meant for hiking. Make a statement and elevate your look while making those feet very happy.” — Take Aim

“Living in Los Angeles, I don’t wear boots out of necessity as much as I do for comfort and style. What I love about SOREL is that one doesn’t have to choose between the two, no matter where you live. As the chilly mornings and evenings in L.A. are starting, I love having these incredibly comfortable, fur-lined SOREL Tivoli II boots to slip into.” — Take Aim

“Living only a few blocks from the water, I often take Nora (my dog) down to the harbor, and these boots stood up to the test. Walking on rocky beaches and in cold salty water, my feet were toasty and dry. Perfect for taking our evening walk to drinks at the pub around the corner.” — Prosecco & Plaid

“For someone like me who spends a ton of time outdoors, comfortable and functional fashion is super important, so these Joan of Arctic Knit II Waterproof winter boots are a no-brainer.” — Prosecco & Plaid

“When dressing for winter, I’m a big fan of boots and clothing that are functional and stylish. Just because you're trying to stay warm doesn’t mean you can’t look cute! I love these winter boots from SOREL because of all the great details; the chevron print knit cuff, the contrasting leather, and the long black laces make the perfect combo.” — Style Me Grasie

“I paired them with leather pants because I love the cool factor leather pants provide while still keeping you warm—same with the felt hat and flannel shirt. That’s how I approach winter dressing: wearing cool-looking pieces that you won’t freeze in!” — Style Me Grasie 

“First on my checklist are SOREL's iconic Joan of Arctic boots, which are built for the coldest of winters anywhere in the world. The outer suede covering is waterproof and seam-sealed while the chevron-printed knit cuff keeps your legs warm and stylish. The ability to lace the boot also allows for custom snugness over jeans or thick knee-high socks, which I love since it’s rare to find a boot that fits to your calves just right.” — Honey & Silk 

“I looked in my closet the other day and I realized that if a winter storm spontaneously hit L.A. today, I’d have very little to keep myself from protected from the elements. While we are so blessed with warmer temperatures all year round, it’s essential to keep a couple of versatile and fashionable utility pieces for winter travel or when El Niño actually hits L.A. this season.” — Honey & Silk

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