Why This Simple Layering Formula Looks So Stylish

Let’s face it: Social media has made being original incredibly difficult. Every day we are willingly inundated with new brands to follow, fresh outfit ideas from around the world, and fascinating figures in the industry to keep tabs on. We’re not complaining, but standing out has undoubtedly become not only harder but also perhaps slightly less authentic. The point to our rant? We just want more ways to keep our style feeling fresh!

If you agree, the subject of today’s micro-trend may appeal to you. Recently, while visiting Swedish brand COS’s website, we stumbled upon a layering technique that felt genuinely cool and original. Even better, it was simple! The model was dressed in a stretchy tube top layered on top a white poplin dress. Not only did this extra piece make it feel more dynamic and interesting, but it also put to use a 2000s staple that, if you still have it in your closet, likely hasn’t been used in a while.

See below to get a visual of what it looks like and how to pull it off, and then shop some modern tube tops to try it out!