The Unexpected (and Fashion Editor–Approved) Way to Wear a Puffer

OG street style star and former fashion editor Taylor Tomasi Hill can wear anything and make it stylish. So we're taking a page from her styling book because we all know how daunting it can be to make outerwear, namely the puffer jacket, look chic. Hill is known for her unique and colorful approach to fashion, so when she wears a down-filled jacket, you can bet it will be a bright hue and look totally awesome. 

The style maven layered up in NYC with a cleverly placed puffer jacket. Hill didn't necessarily wear it—instead, she wrapped it around her waist, allowing it to act as a pop of color, while still coordinating with her black and blue ensemble. It may not seem practical, but if you think about it, her backside and legs were warmed up without the need to add another bulky layer to her outfit. The lighter shade of blue complemented her look and lent it a playful pop of brightness, but this look can work with a black puffer jacket, too. The trick is simple: Look for a light version that's on the thin side to keep the silhouette streamlined and endlessly stylish. 

Check out Taylor Tomasi Hill's genius way to style a puffer jacket and keep scrolling to shop our picks. 

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