The Color Combo You've Always Avoided Is Actually Chic

What's the first thing you think of when you hear of a red, white, and blue outfit? You might picture cheesy, American flag–bedecked looks for the Fourth of July, but the color combo doesn't have to be reserved for one holiday a year. Shopbop's new lookbook, dubbed Modern Americana, will definitely convince you that this trio of hues can look chic anytime.

The key to pulling off the trend? Try experimenting with different shades of blue, subtle pops of white, and punchy red accessories to complete the look. Et voilà: You've got a cool outfit that doesn't scream Independence Day. Shopbop has even done all the hard work for you with a curated a selection of over 100 pieces in red, white, and blue for you to try.

Scroll down to buy the pieces from Shopbop's new Modern Americana lookbook.

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