Here’s How to Wear Socks and Loafers (and Not Look Like You’re Back in School)

If you’d told me last year that I’d be Googling “fishnet ankle socks”, I would’ve laughed in your face. Fast-forward to right now, and my browser history tells a very different story. Loafers (particularly the Gucci variety) will be the only shoes to wear in autumn. The recent fashion month street-style circuit saw more people in flats than it did in heels, and if they’re editor and blogger-approved, then you already know we’re jumping on board. If you’re looking for a new way to wear your loafers (or break them in), the answer lies in mini-sockettes. Opt for sheer, mesh, lace, or fishnet to soften the look, and they'll also ensure you don’t feel like you’ve stepped back into second grade.

Keep scrolling to see the look in motion then shop it to try yourself.

Lucy Williams



On Williams: Gucci Jourdaan Leather Loafer ($815).

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