How to Get Away With Wearing Jeans Everywhere: A Celebrity Guide

If we had to choose, we’d say denim pants are the best pants. There are endless reasons jeans are the number one wardrobe workhorse for most people, perhaps the most important being their versatility. Speaking of versatility, we can’t help but notice style-savvy celebs’ uncanny ability to get away with donning denim practically everywhere (aside from the Oscars, naturally). To prove our point, we gathered a variety of our favorite denim-centric celebrity looks that would be perfect for a number of occasions, nights out and workdays among them. Want to know how they do it? Click below to see the outfits and to read about the styling tricks that celebrities use to ensure their jeans always look appropriate. Last but not least, we’ve gathered some of our favorite pairs of jeans for each of the occasions outlined below!

Which celeb look would you love to re-create? Let us know below!