3 Genius Ways to Make Your Heels Hurt Less


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As fashion lovers, we are always searching for ways to make the art of wearing heels less, well, painful. It's sort of an unfortunate part of the territory that we can only wear our favorite heels for a certain amount of time or walk for a certain distance before our feet start to hurt and the thought of taking them off and walking barefoot (even on a New York City sidewalk) starts to sound more and more appealing.

That's why when we got the chance to pick the brains of shoe designer Sarah Flint and her friend Erin Foster, we jumped at the chance. Creative director and founder of her eponymous footwear line, Sarah launched her first collection at the age of 25 after studying design at Parsons and FIT and moving to Milan to study shoemaking. Her designs are made in Italy by third- and fourth-generation cobblers, so needless to say, she knows a lot about shoes.

Model, actress, and comedienne Erin wears a lot of heels in her profession, naturally, and has learned a thing or two along the way. Flint brought Foster as her guest to the CFDA Awards last night, and we were able to find out their three best tips for making heels hurt less.

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Look for Padded Toes

"As a woman designing for women, I am always thinking about ways to make high heels more wearable. I have found that choosing shoes with padding under the toe pad can add hours of wearability.  I put at least 3 mm of padding in every shoe I make!"

Increase Strap Support Proportionally with Heel Height

"If you are going above 85 mm, try to chose a pair with straps that will offer you more support." 


"When picking out shoes, if it hurts when you put it on, abandon it early. It's not worth it—no shoe is worth losing a toe. I can't wear pointed-toe closed-toe heels; my foot just doesn't bend in that way. Block heels for the win. They're so comfortable and a little easier to wear (and they're really popular right now)."