How to Get Away With Wearing Flats Anywhere

Victoria Beckham once declared, “I can’t concentrate in flats.” Sorry, V, but we beg to differ: Not only can we concentrate in flats, but we can frolic, twirl, and get down on the dance floor a little bit better. And while heels are an integral part of our wardrobe, sometimes flats are just a little more fun. Here’s how to wear them for any occasion, from an interview to a black-tie event.

May we be so bold as to say that we actually prefer the look of a sleek sandal with a cocktail dress?

Think you can’t wear a midi skirt with flats? Think again.

Note to self: a full-length gown looks unexpectedly fresh and youthful with a pair of oxfords.

Ankle socks and loafers make a killer pairing, especially with a lace pencil skirt.

File this under unexpectedly cool combinations: a cocktail dress with sporty socks and lace-up brogues.

We adore the contrast of fancy silk shorts and casual Birkenstocks.

We’re saving this outfit idea for our next cocktail party: fancy maxi skirt plus crop top plus thong sandals.

This is exactly how you get away with sandals at the office.

Silky trousers and lace-up flats are clearly a match made in heaven.

Call us crazy, but a pair of heels would have been totally expected with this dramatic dress. And that’s why this look is so amazing.

We love the look of over-the-knee boots disappearing into a dress—this outfit creates the same effect with lace-up gladiator sandals.

Just try and tell us this black and white look isn’t totally sharp.

A summery silk ensemble looks particularly on point with a pair of metallic sandals.

What are your go-to flats? Let us know in the comments below!