The Casual Shirt Every Celebrity Secretly Wears

At the end of the day, celebrities are somewhat just like the rest of us (if you ignore the constant paparazzi and millions of Instagram followers). And believe it or not, they even have that one shirt they wear multiple ways when trying to achieve a more casual look. That shirt would be the flannel shirt. You might not take note of it at first, but after seeing celebrities step out in flannel outfit after flannel outfit, we figured it was time to do some deeper investigating.

Whether they're wrapping it around their waists as a third piece or effortlessly layering it over silk dresses for a more laid-back feel, celebrities have proven they know how to wear flannel extremely well. And there is a variety of flannel-looking shirts out there these days, consisting of cool-weather cotton and more, so you can wear the versatile shirt with more outfits than you initially planned—it just depends on what you're going for. Not quite sure what that is? Then let the celebrities ahead show you how it's done.

Go on to see the styling tricks celebrities use when showing off how to wear flannel shirts, and be sure to shop our favorites ahead.