The Fashion-Girl Way to Wear Distressed Jeans

Ah, distressed jeans—the style you always think will be a breeze to style but are actually pretty tricky (and the hole-y jeans your grandma will never understand). You can pretty much pair whatever you want with skinny jeans, but when it comes to distressed jeans, we're letting our go-to fashion bloggers lead the way.

Although you are still wearing jeans (aka the most versatile item in your closet), the rips and tears on the denim do make a statement, therefore you need to style them with care. As you'll soon see, fashion girls are keen on keeping things simple when it comes to distressed denim styling, and they gravitate toward more classic items like T-shirts, sneakers, and moto jackets. So the next time you find yourself asking exactly how to style distressed denim, refer to the lovely fashion geniuses ahead.

Go on to find out how fashion girls style their distressed denim, and to shop their full looks.