This Year's Favorite Trend WILL Come Back in Style

There are a lot of ways wearing a bell-sleeve top can improve your everyday life. Hailing a taxi is now an ethereal photo opp. Dancing/flinging your wrists around to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” in your apartment is decidedly more impressive. Signing the receipt for your awesome new shoes includes a triumphant flourish. These are all just side benefits, though. The real draw for bell sleeves? They are without a doubt the best way to look fashion forward right now.

It’s no secret that the style crowd loves to inject a little drama into their outfits, and the statement sleeve is the ideal way to do so. That’s why I selected them as the inaugural subject for the relaunch of Trend Trial, a series near to my heart, where I test-drive a style that’s currently trending in the fashion world. (For a some context, see my first ever Trend Trial from nearly four years ago!) So without further ado, I present my little primer on how to wear bell-sleeve tops—scroll down to see the three best ways to style them!

What trend should I try next? Let me know in the comments below!