This Is the "Cool It Girl Style," According to Gigi and Kendall's Stylist



It's safe to say the swift rise of the athleisure trend is due in large part to celebrity stylist Monica Rose, the woman behind the legging-, hoodie-, and sneaker-heavy wardrobes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. 

Rose recently waxed poetic to Marie Claire on all things athleisure, including her favorite place to shop for the latest pieces (SIX:02) and her top five athleisure must-haves (leggings, track pants, track jacket, furry slides, and metallic sneakers). Rose even says, "[Athleisure is] now the cool It girl style." She expanded upon that in saying, "With the growing popularity of pairing fashionable sneakers with everything from dresses to leggings, it's more acceptable and you don't have to look or feel frumpy. I love that you can be comfortable and wear sneakers, but still look chic, put together, and not like you are running to the gym."

When it comes to the wrong way to wear the athleisure trend, Rose advises against mixing labels, instead sticking to just one brand when the pieces contain obvious logos. Want to hear more of Rose's expert thoughts on athleisure? Head over to Marie Claire to read the interview in its entirety.

Check out a Monica Rose-approved athleisure look below, and shop an athleisure outfit that fits the bill.