The Dress That's Perfect for Every Summer Setting

The slip dress is one of those glorious feminine silhouettes that always make you feel good. Though its wear is generally ascribed to the late-night hours, we’re highlighting three different summer scenarios where you can rock the statement piece. Scroll down for our tips, and be sure to tell us how you style the slip dress in the comments box below!

For work:


Gastro Chic

Sure, it's not the first dress genre that comes to mind when you're thinking about what to wear in an office setting, but in an appropriate length, less slinky fabric, and strategically styled look (think a blazer and heels), the slip dress can actually be a fantastic staple to consider for your workweek.

For the weekend:


Collage Vintage

Toss on a flattering, effortless slip dress Saturday morning before heading out for the day—you'll never look back (unless you're this girl).

For date night:


Getty Images

Anyone who's seen Clueless understands why a slinky slip dress is pretty much the sexiest thing you can wear on a date. We'd suggest saving this one for date three, but to each her own!

Enza Costa Strappy Hi-Lo Dress ($365)

Do you like the slip dress look? Tell us in the comments box below!

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