12 High-Waisted Bottoms for the Girl With Too Many Crop Tops

Earlier this month, I met up with the lovely PR girls from J Brand for happy hour, and naturally, we spent the majority of our time talking about jeans. Our favorite styles, washes, and fabricsyou name it! As we chatted about different styles, one of the girls mentioned her need for more high-rise jeans/bottoms in general. Her reasoning? She owns “so many crop tops and not enough bottoms to wear them with.”

A couple days pass, and there I am standing in my room thinking the exact same thing: Why do I own so many crop tops and so few high-waisted pants/skirts/jeans? Hence today’s story, because I know I’m not the only one with a wonky crop-top-and-high-waisted-bottoms ratio in her closet.

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Zara Flared Trousers ($70)

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Rachel Comey Bishop Wide Leg Pants ($368)

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