The One Mistake You're Making When Washing Lingerie


Lonely the Label

During those inevitable laundry days, delicates are undoubtedly the toughest thing to tackle. Whether you’re working with lace, silk, or another fragile material, how to wash your lingerie is key to keeping your underpinnings looking pretty for as long as you can.

We tapped Tiffany Fitzgerald of The Lace Lounge in Los Angeles for her expertise in caring for your favorite intimates. Using these tips, you’ll have an abundance of knowledge to use when you’re washing your clothes. Then shop some of our favorite lingerie pieces to put these tips into practice.

“The best way to launder your delicates is to hand-wash them. Hand-washing them in cold water is the best way to treat them as delicately as possible,” she says. Fitzgerald recommends using a gentle detergent without chemicals, as well. “Lingerie washes are good, but sometimes going with something as simple as baking soda will do the trick.”

If you’re tight on time, she shares that washing your undergarments in a lingerie bag minimizes the odds that your clothes will get tangled and stretched out in the washing machine. If you’re going to add your bras into the mix, be sure to hook them to ensure they don’t get latched onto anything.

With that being said, be sure not to throw your bras into the dryer. “The dryer kills the elastic in the bras; it applies harsh heat to fabrics that aren’t meant to have any,” she says. Instead, lay your bras flat to dry. If they have foam or cups, press excess water out of them with a towel.