A Tasteful Way to Make a Classic Wedding Gown More Memorable

We can always count on trend-setting fashion bloggers to give us even more reason to be obsessed with all things bridal. Fashion Squad’s Carolina Engman is the latest stylish bride to tie the knot in a stunning dress we are in love with.

Carolina’s By Malina design is a total classic: white with sheer long sleeves and lace overlay. However, this is not your average gown. Once we saw the back of it, we saw just how perfectly pretty this dress really was. The feminine silhouette featured an open back that gave her gown a modernized design detail, and the black-and-white photo shows off the tasteful cutout that made her romantic dress so distinct. This beautiful bride just made a case for vintage-inspired gowns with contemporary features all in one snapshot.

Keep scrolling to see Carolina's gorgeous wedding dress and shop one inspired by hers.

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