5 Achingly Cool Ways to Wear Your Silk Neck Tie

When a trend is spotted everywhere from the red-carpet to the street, it’s worth paying attention to. Especially when it adds a subtle finishing touch to your look like the silk neck-tie—it’s the perfect piece to leave hanging by the door to finish off your look on your way out.   

We asked Daniel Avakian—the creator behind the one you’ve seen draped around some of Sydney’s most fashionable necks (we’re looking at you, Margaret Zhang) to show us five different ways to wear it—that way, when you splurge and buy it in all three colours, you won’t feel so bad about it.

Keep scrolling for Daniel Avakian's tips on how to wear this season’s most wanted accessory. 

“All you need to do is loop it around your neck twice (or three times) and voilá, instant chic.”

“When you need to pull in that voluminous dress, but a belt just won't do, wrap the silk neck-tie around your waist and tie a bow. Instant waist and perfect for an evening dress!’’

“Sometimes a pony can just be a little boring, if you know what I mean... but it doesn't have to be! Wrap the silk neck-tie around the base, tie a cute bow, and nail that polished look. Oh and your pony will be way bouncier too, I promise.”

“Fur pom-poms on your bag may be cute, but for a more grown up look, ditch the fur and loop a silk neck-tie around the bag straps instead.”

“You stole your boyfriend's shirt and you plan on wearing it with that Le Smoking Tux, but it's missing a special touch. Pop the silk scarf under the collar (just like a tie) and knot it in a soft bow. You know what they say, if it's good enough for Chanel...”

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Margaret Zhang

WHO: Margaret Zhang

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