Ashley Graham Swears By This Genius Selfie-Taking Trick

Take one scroll through Ashley Graham's Instagram account, and you'll see that when she reveals her trick to taking gorgeous selfies, you should listen. The It model is obviously naturally stunning, but she's clearly discovered how to best capture her beauty when taking a selfie.

While the common adage is that it's most flattering to hold the camera above your face at an angle and keep your chin down, Graham's trick might make you think twice about that theory. She wrote a piece for the March 2017 issue of InStyle about how to take the perfect selfie, and her number one trick was something she referred to as the "Low-45" rule. To sum it up, Graham said, "I hold the camera at a low 45-degree angle instead of at eye level. It's surprisingly flattering because it shows off your jawline." We tested Graham's theory to see if a "Low-45" was better than a high angle, and can say without hesitation that Graham's trick indeed produced a better selfie. 

Keep scrolling for further proof that the "Low-45" rule is the secret to perfect selfies. 

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