How to Take a Perfect #OOTD (Without a Photographer)

You get dressed every day because you want the world (or at least your friends and family) to see your well-styled outfit. Otherwise, you'd just revert to the same old jeans-and-tee look. And if your ensemble in question is that great, chances are you like to share it with your Instagram network. Are we right? Only issue is that unless you have an actual photographer taking your #OOTD snap, the picture in question can look a bit subpar as you're awkwardly trying to get your entire look into that tiny square frame by yourself. 

Well it's actually easier than you think to take a perfect outfit shot without the help of anyone else. To prove it, we enlisted Insta expert and digital art director at Barneys New York Erica Choi (of @eggcanvas) to share her tips on how to take a great #OOTD. 

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You want to find bright light that's not too harsh. Erica thinks diffused light near a window is best.

It's best to create angles to elongate your figure, like placing a leg in front of the other. Erica suggests practicing in the mirror first to find the position that fits you best.

To make yourself look taller, crop the photo so you fill most of the space. You want to ensure there's not a ton of extra room between your feet or the top of your head at the edges of the photo.

Want a super-interesting #OOTD? Create some movement, either with your body or with the clothes you're wearing. 

The simple way to set your photo apart from the rest? Make sure everything is crisp and clear before snapping.

Experiment with your #OOTD by playing with shadows and reflections to create depth. 

For an #OOTD-worthy outfit, Erica thinks prints, colors, shapes, and proportions shape a great outfit.

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What do you think of these #OOTD tips? Will you consider any when you're taking your next pic? Sound off in the comment section below!

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