5 Ways to Tailor a Jacket—No Sewing Required

Trailing hems, gaping waistbands, falling straps—whatever your tailoring woe, rarely do we find an item off the rack that fits perfectly. The scramble for last-minute alterations can rear its head anytime, and with it comes the need for a solution that will work in a pinch. There is a selection of necessary items to keep on hand when running to the tailor is out of the question, or it simply isn't the type of garment you want to invest in for the perfect fit. Luckily you don't have to be crafty with a pin and needle to alter your clothes, whether you're wondering how to tailor a jacket or trim the hem on a pair of pants. There are quick-fix solutions you can do at home, or even as a means to show your tailor exactly how you'd like a garment to look after a permanent alteration.

Keep reading for five no-sew solutions—both temporary and permanent—that will satisfy your tailoring needs.

Keep reading for three DIY tailoring tricks that only take 20 seconds.