How I Finally Parted With My Big Handbag

Hi, my name is Allyson Payer, and I'm a bag lady. Former bag lady, that is. The truth is that it gave me comfort to know I'd be prepared for anything, thanks to the contents of my trusty giant handbag. It's chilly? I have a scarf! No soap and water? I have my hand sanitizer! Not sure if I want to wear the same lipstick all day? I'll bring options! And depending on where I'm going, I'll sometimes even carry along a leather tote bag in addition to my handbag.

So what finally broke me of my large-bag devotion? Why, fashion, of course. In case you haven't noticed, handbags have shrunken considerably over the past few seasons, making my large bags feel less of-the-moment. And who can resist the adorableness of mini-sized things? Not I. So I set out on a mission to reform my handbag contents so that I, too, could partake in the mini bag trend.

While it's admittedly been touch and go at times, I've learned a few simple tricks along the way for successfully transitioning to a small handbag, and I'm here to share them with you. Keep scrolling to see how it's done, and shop a slew of adorable mini handbags to motivate you!

Have you made the switch to a mini bag? Tell us how you did it in the comments below!

Opening Image: Getty Images