The Wedding Ring Mistake You Might Be Making

Choosing an engagement ring is enough pressure as it is, meaning oftentimes, women get too caught up in the karat size, style, and price to even think about their wedding band. This, my friends, is a huge mistake. Wedding bands can make or break the look of your actual engagement ring and therefore should never be overlooked. We will humbly admit that we are no jewelry experts, which is why we reached out to jewelry designer Octavia Zamagias of Octavia Elizabeth jewelry to educate us on wedding band best practices and guidelines. Below, she dives into her personal tips and tricks for creating the absolute perfect ring pairing.

I get so many questions from brides-to-be about their wedding bands. More often than not, the bride wasn't fully a part of the engagement ring process, and now this is her turn to really influence the design. The biggest concern is that their wedding rings won't match their engagement rings—but they don't want the traditional matchy-matchy situation that so many of their mothers or grandmothers have.

The first (and important!) reminder is that in today's world, anything goes—truly! One of the key principles I maintain with Octavia Elizabeth is the notion that each client has a different aesthetic and style. As a designer, my responsibility when creating custom pieces is to reflect the wearer in the most elegant and subtle way, emphasizing that sense of uniqueness is key when designing something so memorable.

Below I’ve included some of my tips and guidelines for some popular ideas based on the bride-to-be's engagement ring.